Mathsquest, an innovative & fun Math Academy, helps you in everyday life to strengthen your mathematical skills. It is a personalized learning resource for all ages which believes in activity based training.

Course Levels

MATHSQUEST course has three different levels for each age group. Each level induces a liking for Mathematics. The students learn to use mathematical concepts and methods to understand and think logically and critically in solving mathematical problems.


Here’s what happens at MATHSQUEST – fear meets fun! It’s a different world altogether filled with lots of games, activities, fun, laughter, cheers, learning, earnings and much more. Take a look!

Founder Speaks

Founder Says...

What is Math to you? Numbers? Equations? Or the fear that scares you more than the creatures under your bed?! Well, according to me, Math is the science of numbers. If you look at the bigger picture, Math is in every

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I love Mathsquest and I love everything about Mathsquest. The teaching is very friendly. Mathsquest deals with skills other than Math also. Overall, it’s better than school.

Tejas Class IX

It was very exciting learning logical Mathematics. Money management was the best part of my learning. It’s worth spending every single penny for Mathsquest classes.

Adeetya Upadhyay Class V

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