Amazing experience as an observer. It was the most crowded counter among all. From kids to oldies, all were eager to solve puzzles and wanted to win prizes. Kids tried to solve as many puzzles as possible to win prizes. However, the parents seemed more anxious to win.

Pallavi, Mathsquest Fun Corner at Pawar Public School


I have seen more than 100 BMC teachers at a time, only at Mathsquest workshop! They enthusiastically participated in all the activities. During number calculation activity, teachers were so engrossed; they played like kids. In other activities too, they fought, danced, jumped, ran, sang, laughed… in short they were kids once again! I could see the satisfaction on their faces. It was a wonderful experience.

Priya S, Event Co-ordinator


I love Mathsquest! It has helped me develop a lot of confidence and love towards Math. I like the teaching style and the playful environment while learning Math. Learning Math through games and fun methods is amazing.

Aditi, Class X


Mathsquest has really improved my memory, listening skills and analytical thinking. The best things about Mathsquest are PEGS and MEGA. Teaching style at Mathsquest is unique.  It really drills our brain while making the subject easy and interesting. Mathsquest has given me the confidence to score good marks.

P. Sherlin, Class X


It was very exciting learning logical Mathematics. Money management was the best part of my learning. It’s worth spending every single penny for Mathsquest classes.

– Adeetya Upadhyay, Class V


I have developed my memory and listening skills. Mathsquest has also increased my speed in solving complex problems. PEGS, MEGA, Alphabet games are the things I love at Mathsquest. It not only helps in Math but also in other subjects. 

Poorva Saxena, Class X


It was worth enrolling for the Mathsquest class as I learnt to solve Sudoku which I never learnt before. My logical reasoning skills have improved. Overall speed in solving Maths has also improved.

– Aditya Padhi, Class VI


I love Mathsquest and I love everything about Mathsquest. The teaching is very friendly. Mathsquest deals with skills other than Math also. Overall, it’s better than school

Tejas, Class IX